The hotel booking process can be a tedious and lengthy task to many. With a wide selection of hotels to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to know what exactly it is that you are looking for.  However, by following this 5 step checklist and carrying out a little bit of initial research, it will definitely decrease your search time, save you money and really guarantee that on if you have 99 problems on your travels, your hotel will never be one!

1. Location: Location or setting is the most important factor when searching for a hotel. Location should be near by or easily accessible to tourist attractions  and activities you wish to embark on during your trip. It should also be close enough to the airport of your return dependant on your departure time. Consider the pros an cons on being closer to the airport or closer to the city centre. If your hotel is too far from the main purpose of your trip, most of your days will be spent travelling to and from the location thus giving you less time to actually enjoy your trip.


79185-2002. Transport accessibility: Checking how accessible  your hotel is by all methods of transportation including train, bus, tram and road  with parking options is what you research when looking for your hotel match.  A great  feature that many hotels offer now is FREEE access to their hotel shuttle from the airport to the hotel and sometimes even the nearest town and back again.  This is extra handy to cut out the expense of airport travel and for ease if you have an early flight.


 3.Facilities: We are living in a technological advance society now, so the first thing any one ever asks upon arriving at a venue is “Do you have Wi-fi”. Use the ‘Do you have Wi-fi’ mantra and apply it to your hotel booking process, asking all the right questions before your stay is the best way to not meet disappointment on your travel. The facilities available at a hotel where 393195-hotelyou are planning to stay at should have the basic facilities to meet your every need, this can include Wi-fi, toiletries, laundry service, air conditioning. Some travellers may feel that features such as a swimming pool,  a kids play area for family trips, room service, sound proofed rooms and a 24H reception desk is a must, so if thats the case, do ensure your hotel meets your requirements before locking in that deal.


price_tag_pound16004.Price Factor

Before making a final choice search for hotels that offer an attractive price  according to your set budget. A good idea is to make use of price comparison holiday websites as hotel prices can vary accordingly. Sign up and become members of sites such as Booking.Com and Expedia, it may seem like an annoyance to receive marketing emails but more often than not, they offer either member discounts or multiple booking discounts and freebies. An extra tip is to check your hotel of interests main website, as many often offer a direct booking discount as this cuts out booking agent fees from their end.



Learn to become acquainted with reviews before your trip, this tip here will be your best friend before you travel. Sadly, many  failed to check beforehand and have fallen privy to polished though outdated hotel photos and an enticing description via a booking site but then later found


out it was all a facade. ALWAYS check reviews. Look out for reviews shared by various people who have stayed there for an honest opinion on whether their experience was good or bad. Do keep in mind that one deal breaker for one guest may not be a deal breaker for you, do your research and see what best meets your requirements.  Online travel forums like Trip Advisor, Hotel Trivago, Google Reviews and especially this blog (Shameless plug) are great portals for trustworthy reviews and will help you make the best choice for a comfortable stay.




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